By Cool World: Making happy memories all over the world!
Create unforgettable moments for your clients

Fashion brands are more than just products and services. The very best brands create experiences, moments and meaningful memories. These turn customers into lifelong fans. So what if there was a way to connect the best places and experiences directly to your brand?

That’s what we do!

We believe in the power of memories. Unlike products, great memories last forever. Because of that, we work to create memorable experiences for people, by making travel guides that allow them to live the very best that cities have to offer.

Now we want to make this dream also a reality for your brand. With the travel guide we’ll create just for your brand, people will be able to really experience the meaning and lifestyle you stand for. By experiencing that and forming life-long memories of it, your brand will forever hold a powerful meaning, filled with stories to share with friends, family and everyone close to them.

How we do it?

Quality content takes a lot of effort, so we have a team of experts in content creation for travel and guides that work tirelessly every day to bring our mission to life, creating tailor-made content for each project we take on, from copywriting, design, photography, cinematography and so on. We believe in experiencing things first-hand to create the best content, and in understanding everything about your brand to create the guide that truly represents your meaning, lessons we’ve already applied for brands such as Josefinas and Meghan Markle.

We support any kind of medium, digital or physical, that you might want. Be it a custom app, a page in your website, a travel brochure or any other format, we’ve got you covered!

And here’s why you can’t miss this

In a world filled with millions and millions of brands, it’s hard to make sure people will remember you and what you stand for. But if you provide them not just with products and services but also with life experiences, you won’t just distinguish yourself from all the other brands that don’t take that extra step; you’ll also have a unique, special meaning for them, because you’re connected completely with amazing moments in their lives.